Additional software recommended.

e-mail software

Malcolm works completely autonomously, you don't need an internet connection to use it.

Open to the outside world, he will always offer you to communicate by e-mail the essential documents relating to your activity.
To optimize the operation and ergonomics of the Malcolm series, we invite you to set up internal messaging software on your computer.
If you use the
"Outlook" or "Thunderbird" software, you have nothing to configure, Malcolm takes care of everything Just don't forget to inform Malcolm  (See How to do?)

Otherwise :
We invite you to install and configure a messaging software of your choice, which will greatly facilitate Malcolm's communication possibilities. In the latter case, if your software is different from those mentioned above, the attachments may no longer be automatically attached to your e-mails. You will have to attach them yourself through your software,
Unless... if you send us by email the name of the messaging software you have chosen. We will quickly integrate it into our commercial management software. (free operation)

Elfi-Sofware works with the free Mozilla thunderbird messaging software...You can download it here.


Malcolm automatically converts accounting data to "xls" or "xlsx" format. Although this is the most common format, some software (eg Excel from Microsoft) is chargeable and quite expensive.

Unless you already have it, we suggest that you download and install compatible software, so that you can view (and/or modify) your documents before sending them to your Accountant:
The software offered below are all free. You are not obliged to use them, the mere fact of installing them allows you to automatically establish a relationship between Malcolm commercial management and the "xls, or xslx" format ( better known as the "excel" format)
  • Open Office: "Open source" software suite, large volume of data (text editor, spreadsheets, etc.) 
    to download from the publisher's website

  • Libre Office: Another "Open source" software suite, large volume of data (text editor, spreadsheets, etc.)
    to download from the publisher's website


It is preferable to indicate to Malcolm the Pdf reader that you are using. Otherwise, after warning you that your Pdf reader is not registered in the software, Malcolm will convert your file and attempt to read the file in depending on the default settings of Window ,

If no reader is present, an error message will be displayed, without consequence for your software.
To know: You can also declare in Malcolm your internet browser as a PDF file reader
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