Commercial document : Edition and e-mail additional text


Invoice : global view

 All additional annotations are an integral part of the document, and are therefore visible to the recipient..

You can enrich the document with several notifications, depending on your tax jurisdiction, certain information is mandatory (Ex: The subject field of the document must include the date and the number of the document)

 You can select a predefined text by clicking on the button   

Document description :

The information in this field is automatically created then adding a new document

 Some tax laws require the addition of the order number associated with the service invoiced.

   the Note field : 

Invoice the note field

This Zone is free for any comments
You can select a predefined text by clicking on the button
If you select all or part of the text, a formatting window will appear.

  Footer text

commercial document footer text

Sélection du texte par défaut 

By default the text is created at the same time as the document.
    This original text comes from :
    Parameters -> layout of editions
    -> Select the page layout corresponding to the document from the list,
    -> refer to the tab: Address and footer

You can report the original text according with the selected edition document by clicking on the button