Malcolm Company: Invoicing


Les lignes de factures

You have the option of inserting a global discount, and a financial discount (discount) on the entire invoice.
Each line that you add or delete then takes into account your price change and immediately recalculates the entire invoice.


Remise globale, escomptes,références,descriptions

Displays, below each line, the field for entering the serial number corresponding to the reference.
This number is then used in inventory management.


Facturation, autres taxes

Shows the hidden column "Other Taxes". possibly attached to a reference.
This column is only informative and its amount does not enter into any pricing calculation.
It is up to you to pass it on, or not, to the price of your production.
Ex: Eco Tax


facturetion, remise globale et excompte

In a respect of transparency of the calculations made, and for each invoiced line, Malcolm Entreprise displays the details of the pricing that has been applied.

Application des Remises globales et/ou Escomptes


 You can no longer make price changes as long as there is a discount or discount rate applied to your invoice. You can cancel this operation by entering a rate of 0% (The descriptions remain accessible)
Procedure :
After determining your discount and/or discount rate you must click on the button
,  to recalculate pricing. After this operation, the fields relating to pricing can no longer be modified.
If you have a change to make, you can unlock the tariff zones again by entering a rate of 0% '
then click the button again
to restore the original pricing :
Visualization of the different tarifs
If you click on the "Price with Discount" button, this action automatically switches to the display of gross prices (excluding global discount and discount),
Conversely, if you click again on this button, the label of this button and the display are modified accordingly.
A blue arrow , located below , indicates the price match of the current display.

Onglet "Autres OpérationS"

Facturation : Other 2

This work area details any supplements that are not an integral part of invoicing.
The prices must be expressed in net price. (no VAT charge should be entered in this form)
Ex: Packaging, exceptional taxes, shipping costs, insurance, late penalties etc etc).
The total of its additional services is reported, and added, under the heading "Supplement" of the invoice.


Facturation,Invoice, Factura

You have access to all invoicing text areas

A graphic informs you of the position of the text boxes
  1 - Note field: Click on the pencil to select the accompanying text that suits you in the predefined text window or, .. compose the text of your choice yourself
  2 - The text of this zone, Editable, is created automatically when the document is created
  3 - The automatic selection of the footer DEPENDS ON THE PRESENTATION MODEL
      defined in the document header
      Related topic: Settings -> Layout - "Footer" tab