Billing chain Management



Billin Management

Whether for sales or purchases, the operation of this form is identical.
The main menu only allows a direct link to the different types of sales documents.
You can also list documents of any type using this form (Sales or Purchases)


Dates: Only display commercial documents whose creation took place between these two dates.
This date interval is defined in: Parameters -> general parameters, preference tab)
You can change its dates at your convenience. The list of documents is sorted from newest to oldest.


Selecting the type of document to display  (Ex :   )

The document selection button opens a window allowing you to choose the type of document to display.
(the default display is define in: Parameters -> General parameters, "Preference tab")

After your selection, the software will display the documents corresponding to your selection..If no document matches, a message will notify you.
 REMINDER: The display is based on the date range you have selected.


 Create a new document :   

In the list of proposed contacts, select the name of the contact associate with this new document.
You will be immediately redirected to the new document, on behalf of the contact you selected.

The type of document created corresponds to the current display
 (eg if the document type is "Invoice", the new document will be an "Invoice")
The date of the document created is the today's date.
The address corresponds to the one recorded in the contact card.
 Contacts section -> select the contact to display in the right part of the form.

 The document number is sequential (Prefix + Number of the last document of the same type + 1)
 Settings menu -> "Commercial documents" button.

The output model is the one assigned in the "Default ranges" form
 Parameters section -> general parameters -> "Default parameters tab" -> "Edit model assigned by default".

The payment method is the one assigned to the "Default parameters" form.
 Parameters section -> General parameters -> Default parameters tab -> "Default payment mode."
 Learn more Help with business documents.

All settings are also editable inside the new document.
The new document appears in the list as soon as it is created.


Printer - Update - Duplicate - Edit

If you have more than one printer. you can select the printer on which your documents will be printed
 By default the printer defined in windows will be used.

Refresh: Updates the list of documents based on your different selections.

Duplicate: Click anywhere on the line corresponding to the document you want to duplicate,then click on the "Duplicate" button.

This action open a selection window for copying and / or transforming your source document into another type of document.
(Example above: a sales invoice for "Z.Aventador" has been duplicated as a purchase document for "Yacht club Beach")

The new document will appear in the list of purchasing documents, after selecting the "Purchase orders".

You can duplicate your document into any other sales or purchasing document.
Malcolm will copy the source document identically to the target document, taking your selection into account.


Editing :  

- To choose the document to print, or to preview, click anywhere on the line corresponding to the document you want to print, then on one of the two buttons provided for this purpose.
The document will be displayed or printed according to the editing model that you have previously mentioned inside it


Contact filter - Send par mail - Pdf format

Contact filter  : 

Click inside this field to display the list of all contacts with a document of the same type as those displayed (without date constraint).
After your selection, only the documents associated with this contact will be displayed
You can redisplay the original list by clicking on the "Refresh" button

Send par mail or pdf format : 

WARNING : To use its features,

  •  You must have your management e-mail software, associated with the é-mail sending operation 
  •  You must have a software that read pdf files format and correctly declared in Malcolm.
  •  For sending by e-mail, the two conditions listed above must be operational.

Your  mail management software  (Outlook, Thunderbird etc ...) must becorrectly configured and also declared in Malcolm.
Otherwise, a message will inform you of the absence of the missing software, or the two fields concerned will be grayed out (not accessible)

Related topic: Declaring external software to Malcolm:
 Settings -> External applications
After having clicked on one or the other functionality, please wait, a few seconds ... The time that Malcolm, triggers and parameters, the execution of the concerned software. (About between 4 and 10 seconds max)

The commercial document will be included in the message as an attachment in "pdf" format.
The accompanying text of the message will be the one you entered in the commercial document (or not)
Malcolm will preview the document before opening your email software.

 Particular point: The applications for sending by mail are often positioned in a reduced window, or icon, at the bottom of the screen,. and are not always very visible.

 Review : Payment REGISTRATION

payment registration

If the amounts in the "Balances" column are colored red, this means that the payment has not yet been fully made, or recorded.
There are two ways to register a payment:

  • Either inside the commercial document
  • Either directly by clicking on the button   at the end of each line.

The Number 2 option allows the automatic creation of a schedule that you can then send to your contact.
(by mail, or by e-mail, in pdf format) see below.

The wordings for recording payments are not binding
If you enter a payment line directly, without going through the selection lists,
 they will not be posted in the general ledger.