Why choose OUR commercial management  SOFWARE ?

Une gestion d'entreprise efficace est essentielle dans tous les aspects de votre secteur

There is a lot of business management to download from the internet, often too complex, very few meet the expectations of future Manager
We have developed our range of commercial management software with the aim of making it always simpler and more user-friendly.
We have kept just the essential functions and tools to run your business.
 The "Malcolm" series contain the essential features for maximum productivity.

You can directly access the information you are looking for, without going through menus, and other submenus.
In particular, you will be able to create as many models of commercial documents (invoices, quotes, etc. etc.) as you wish.
Send invoices directly to your customers by e-mail, or automatically convert them in "Pdf" format

Our document management, which displays your invoicing balances, allows you to know the progress of your customer and supplier payments at a glance.

What others don't ...
The expenditure, income module:
Clear and easy to use, offers you the possibility of adding, for each line, an attachment that you have previously saved in your computer (photos and documents of all types)
If you no longer remember what a sum corresponds to, simply click on the button provided for this purpose to display the document that you have previously saved.

What others don't ...
You can assign an accounting assignment to all your management operations (Sales or purchase invoices, expenses and receipts).
No more complex calculations to complete your year-end tax return:
With just one click (verified!), You just have to copy the sums provided by Malcolm, in your declaration.
You don't even need an accountant anymore.
Otherwise, you can export and send your business transactions by email to your accountant (Excel format),
.... In just 2 clicks.

What others don't ...
Convert in one click all the amounts of your invoices in a currency other than the one normally used.
You can also revert to the original currency in the same way.

What others don't ...
Three languages to choose from (French, Spanish, English)
You can record all your transactions in one language, and print it in another (accounting included)
Ideal functionality for cross-border commuters or expatriates.

What others don't ...
The results of a calculation are sometimes mysterious.
With Malcolm, you can return to the origin of your entry at any time, and possibly apply the necessary corrections.

What others are doing ...
They Download Malcolm for Windows; Download and free trial for 30 days.